Re-stocking your Nigella Therapy supply is now easier and more eco-friendly than ever

Many of you have been asking for an easier way to recycle or re-use your Nigella Therapy Perfecting Serum jars. Since the serum is packaged in single-use ampoules, the jars are still clean even after you use all 30 ampoules.

So, we are now offering a few new "refill" products where you can purchase a pouch of the Perfecting Serum ampoules without the packaging (no jar, no carton) at a reduced cost. Then, you can refill your old jar with the new ampoules. 

There are 3 REFILL product options:

If you do want to dispose of the packaging, all Nigella Therapy jars, bottles, and exterior packaging are recyclable. 

Try out our new "REFILL" products and let us know what you think!


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