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Nigella Therapy Perfecting Day and Night Serum jars and snipgels.

Research Studies: Nigella Therapy Perfecting Serum

As you all know, we don't take skincare lightly. While we love our heritage and the legendary mystique surrounding black seed oil, we also believe in science and want to ensure that any products we put out there have solid scientific backing. Two separate studies were completed in 2017 to determine the effects of Nigella Therapy serums on the face. Both studies ended with outstanding results.
Oprah Magazine April 2018 issue with Nigella Therapy Night Serum feature.

Nigella Therapy Featured on O, The Oprah Magazine!

WOW! Our Perfecting Night Serum is featured in the April 2018 issue of O, The Oprah Magazine. Yes, you read that right! OPRAH! Here's an excerpt: B...
Nigella Therapy Nigenol featured on the Huffington Post

Featured on Huffington Post: Nigenol

We've all had that overwhelming feeling of walking into a Sephora or Nordstrom and getting lost in the options for facial oils and serums. The Styl...
Nigella sativa flower in Minya, Egypt.

The Story Behind the Hype: Black Seed Oil

Clearly, we love black seed oil at Nigella Therapy! We love black seed oil for the heritage, the history, and the science behind it. When something can withstand the test of time and maintain relevancy over thousands of years, that's when you know there is truth to the power.
Nigenol featured on E! News with Kim Kardashian image.

Nigella Therapy featured on E!

I'm SUPER excited to share a cool piece on E! News online about black seed oil and skincare.  Here's a brief excerpt from the article: "Before the ...
All three Nigella Therapy products with fall themed decorations surrounding.


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